Tina O’Connell

Tina O’Connell – Top Chef Committee Member, Former Board Member

Hello. My name is Tina O’Connell. I first became involved with A Kids Place over 5 years ago. I had a dear friend at the time that was serving on the board at A Kids Place. She would share with me some of their great success stories and their need for fundraisers in order to provide better service.

I was so inspired by the work of the CASA program. I had a couple of other friends that were serving as CASA volunteers and telling me about their work and what they were called to do through their big hearts. There were so many families to reach, so little volunteers and such little funding. This is something I knew a bit about.

I have always been involved in domestic violence and other abusive situations through my work in various mental institutions and alternative care for the elderly. I have a background in psychology and music therapy. The stories they told me were truly touching and inspirational. I was anxious to do my part.

My friend and I had worked on several fundraisers together at our children’s school and found that we really worked well together. I was convinced to become a member of the board at A Kids Place and went to work helping where I could. Oddly enough my decorating hobby became an avenue through which I could help this organization reach more children. I have been decorating for A Kids Place’s Top Chef event since it’s beginning. Working on little to no budget it has been a wonderful experience to grow this event into what it is today! A Kids Place continues to grow and reach out to the many families in Weld County that are in need of its help. They continue to give these children and families a voice. I continue to decorate and spread word of the great service A Kids Place provides…. recalling the stories I have heard and witnessed. I am proud to be A Kids Place Advocate!