Homeless, traumatized, and abused. That’s how Lindsay, Cade and Maria could be described when they first entered our CASA program. Their future was bleak. Lindsay would have rages for hours. Cade was withdrawn. Maria just wanted someone to love her. Their father realized he could not care for his children and made the heart wrenching decision to relinquish his rights. His only plea was that his children remain together. Not an easy task, but after only six months in foster care, a couple stepped up – An amazing couple! They committed to these three children through heartbreak, through working with mental health facilities, through suspensions at school. And, with the help of a dedicated CASA volunteer who advocated for the services they needed, the couple persevered. After what must have seemed like an eternity, this couple adopted all three children. Today, there future is much brighter. They live on a farm with horses and chickens. The children are thriving. They have become a family…. Together!