Even if you have never hosted a benefit, but are interested in organizing something, we can help you make it work!  Prior to hosting an event to benefit Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy, we request that you submit the form at the bottom of this page to let us know that you are interested.  We will follow up with you to get all of the information we need.  Your event will be submitted for review by our Board of Directors.  Approval will be granted for events that are consistent with the philosophy and mission of Life Stories.  Submitting the form is the first step toward hosting a benefit.  Further instructions can be found here.

Need some inspiration? See our blogs with information on past benefits!


We can provide you with the following materials, which you are welcome to disseminate on social media, through email, or to post in public places (with permission from property owners).


Greeley Wesleyan Church’s Yard Sale Benefit

Last summer, Greeley Wesleyan Church invited their congregation to participate in a yard sale.  Congregation members brought items to the church parking lot.  Each family had their own table with items they brought.  The generous group donated all proceeds from the...

Ruby’s Gift Basket Benefit

Sophomore student Ruby Haro and three of her friends researched child abuse facts and wanted to do something nice for children who have been abused or neglected.  They collaborated on a group project in March 2017 that was twofold: 1) they organized High School Hat...