Corporate Matching

To encourage employees to support charitable organizations, many Colorado companies have a Corporate Matching Program – also known as an Employee Matching Gifts/Funds/Grants Program. Typically, the participating corporation will match an individual employee’s financial contribution to a non-profit organization at a 1:1 ratio for every dollar contributed. Most programs have guidelines about contributions. To find out more about your employer’s matching program, please visit the corresponding website below.

American Express Foundation

American Furniture Warehouse Corporate Giving Program

American Honda Foundation of-america- mfg-inc

Andarko Petroleum Corporation (APC) apc

Anthem Foundation

Avon Foundation for Women products-inc

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. features-and- eligibility.html#fbid=WyX1ANyf7k-

BNSF (Burlington Northern and Santa Fe) Railway Foundation

Choice Hotels International Foundation

Elevation One-For- One Matching IT Grant

FedEx Corporation

General Mills Foundation mills-inc

Lockheed Martin Corporation Foundation

Macy’s Foundation

Mattel Children’s Foundation

The Medtronic Foundation

MetLife Foundation

Scripps Howard Foundation

Sprint Foundation

State Farm Companies Foundation scholarships